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These pages are a repository of information relating to things I have built that might interest others.  It also includes some bloggs which may not be as interesting.

About me.

I was first licenced in 1961 and went on ait with an SCR522 WW2 aircraft transmitter, a super-regen receiver and a folded dipole.

My Buller Summit 2004

Yes that very serious bloke is me, trying to take a photo of my operation on the summit of Mt Buller in Decenber 2004. The camera operated before I smiled!  Equipment: a backpack station including an IC706 MkIIG and a MFJ 2m/70cm 4 element beam. Power was from  12 V gelcel.  Operation was primarily aircraft enhancement on 2 m and 70 cm into Sydney and Canberra.

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I have used my own photographs, technical flaws and all, rather than use the off the shelf perfect ones.  I hope you find some interesting.  I will add to them over time.